Oregon Wine, A Face Behind Every Bottle

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 29 2010 - 12:00 am

From the vineyard to the bottle, there is a conscientious grower and winemaker working diligently to perfect his or her craft at every stage of the process.  Our wine producers are small in scale; we tend to know every row in the vineyard and share a deep connection to this place with everyone we meet.  We pour wine for our visitors in the tasting room and often suggest a walk in the vineyard or a tasting from a barrel.

Most wineries here are family-owned, many with multiple generations working side by side among the vines, at the winery and in the tasting room.  This industry itself, a tightly woven community making world-class wines unique to the soils found here.  From the moment I arrived, it was clear this was a family affair and a way of life.  As parents, we share the craft with our children and as winemakers, we share our passion with our visitors.  Family and accessibility remain trademarks of the Oregon wine industry and I can't imagine it any other way.

Our vineyards, nestled among hazelnut orchards and berry farms, are edged by forests dense with fir trees.  Staying small means we can nurture every vine, cluster and barrel into wines worthy of this great place.  We view our craft as true artisans, from hand pruning vines to picking grapes and bottling the finished product.  It is truly a balance and delicate blend of art and science.

Thank you for your continued support of our family farm.


10/11/2010 08:55 / Art said:
I think it is wonderful that there are various number of wineries that are family owned. That little extra special touch they bring compared to a very large producing vineyard makes these wines just that much better! I agree that they create a very unique taste to their wines, which no one else has!

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