The Vineyard Sleeps

Posted on Friday, Nov 19 2010 - 12:00 am

As we press deeper and deeper into Fall, the vineyard leaves are yellowing and dropping to the ground.  The vines will soon reach their depth of dormancy during the winter months, where the plant's energy moves to the roots to wait for the Spring.

This winter the vines will receive their first pruning, where we will remove 95% of the previous year's growth.  We will carefully select the wood from each vine that will help shape the plant for years to come.  The trellis system will also be installed.

This will be a welcome break to cabin fever to be out in the crisp winter days, cutting and shaping each vine, one at a time. There is a slow meditative pace to winter and all preparations will be complete by April for the coming flush of growth.




11/19/2010 17:32 / R. C. said:
What a beautiful vineyard. I had no idea so much of the vine is pruned yearly. It seems that having a vineyard is tough, but rewarding work.

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