Budbreak...Any Day Now

Posted on Saturday, Apr 02 2011 - 12:00 am

Winter pruning is complete and we wait patiently for budbreak.  With the warm weather we are having, it is guaranteed leaves will be unfurling any minute now.  Walking through the vineyard, the buds are very swollen and ready to begin their second year of growth.

While we could have hired a crew to come in and prune the vines, we chose to do it ourselves.  Working in your vineyard is the best way to get to know its ups and downs. Identifying problem areas early is paramount to creating a well-balanced vineyeard.  It just doesn't get more hands on this. 

The vineyard teaches us patience and there is nothing better than getting outside after a long Winter of being cooped up doing office work.

We just know the vines are going to do well.



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