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Posted on Sunday, Feb 19 2012 - 12:00 am

We have had the pleasure of pairing our wines in the tasting room with Fanucchi Oils Gourmet Products.  All of our customers have truly enjoyed tasting and seeing how different flavors pair nicely with wine.  Come out and enjoy this very fun tasting experience.

Some examples....

Our 2009 Noble Pig Pinot Blanc is the perfect pairing for the Galantino Peperoncino Oil.  Dip
some bread in this spicy oil and try it with a sip of wine.  You will see how nicely our Pinot Blanc
tastes with spicy food.  The wine is sort of stealth that way. Try this oil tossed with fresh pasta, to
liven up a dull salad or finishing off some grilled chicken.  It is definitely for those of you looking
add a little zing to your meals. This oil has you covered.

The Noble Pig Pinot Gris must be experienced with Perla’s Pesto alla Genovese (made with

basil). The basil is grown on a hillside and picked while the leaves are still small and sweet. This
is very concentrated and only a small amount on a cracker is needed to experience the taste. 
Then sip some Pinot Gris and prepare to be transported to a sublime state. 

Time to move on to a specialty Balsamic Vinegar Truffle Glaze; its earthy flavors play nicely
with our 2008 Noble Pig Pinot Noir.  This balsamic reduction is infused with the flavors of truffle
and is the perfect topping for roasted & grilled meats, poultry, cheese, sandwiches, potatoes
(think french fries) or risotto.  This particular producer of balsamic (Casanova) comes from
Formigine, in the Modena countryside.  The Modenese century-long tradition requires balsamic
vinegar to be produced in small wooden barrels made of oak, chestnut, cherry, ash, locust tree,
mulberry & juniper; each of these lending to the nuances found in this product.  A small amount
on a cracker or with some of the French Triple Cream Cheese will leave you wanting more.  Just
keep thinking about this glaze with french fries or on top of some grilled vegetables. Unreal.

Now for a favorite, our 2009 Noble Pig Pinot Noir, a big wine full of black pepper spice, has been
paired up with a delicious spread known as Composta di Fichi or caramelized figs with balsamic. 
This spread happily accompanies pâté, meat, strong cheeses, sandwiches, cookies or ice cream. 
Try a little on a cracker or with the Cambozola Cheese.  What a lovely after dinner dessert this
would be…the Pinot Noir, a fruit and cheese platter and Composta di Fichi to dip into….what
a night.

Please visit and try some of these pairings before they are gone!!


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