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Posted on Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 - 12:00 am

One of the nice things about the little community of wineries and tasting rooms that call Carlton our home, is the spirit of camaraderie we have. We all support one another – lots of times customers come into the Noble Pig tasting room because someone pouring wine at another tasting room felt we might have what they were looking for, and sent them our way. And we do the same. If you missed it, check out this little overview of Carlton wines, food and history, posted a couple months ago.

Anyway, in that warm neighborly spirit: Congratulations to Ken Wright Cellars, whose Abbott Claim 2012 Pinot Noir was named Top Wine in the World by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for 2014. That’s right -- Top Wine in the World. A nice little pat on the back for a guy who does so much for the community, while making clearly amazing wines. Ken Wright was one of the early true believers that the soil, climate, and elevation in this area could produce superior Pinot Noirs. Turns out he was right. Congratulations, Ken!

Head on out to Carlton this weekend and come taste the wines that make us all so proud.




01/29/2015 15:23 / Ken Wright Cellars said:
Thank you Noble Pig for the wonderful article! We love the warm neighborly spirit of Carlton and how when one of of succeeds... we all do. Cheers to that!

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