Good Neighbors

Posted on Monday, Feb 16 2015 - 4:36 pm

When it comes to good neighbors, it’s hard to beat Republic of Jam. Right next door to the Noble Pig tasting room, they more than live up to their unofficial slogan “This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Jam,” using nothing but absolutely local fruit and about half the traditional amount of sugar to dazzle your palate with offerings such as Apple Beer Jam and Cherry Chocolate Jam. Noble Pig likes the way Republic of Jam thinks.

But wildly creative jams are just the beginning. Also on the shelves next door are Fruit Mustards and Ketchups and Chutneys (oh my!), Pickled and Preserved Fruits, Cocktail Syrups and Shrubs. That’s right, Shrubs – a crafty blend of vinegar, sugar, and fruit that makes for a very tasty mixer.

Now – congratulations are in order! The annual Good Food Awards, given in a special ceremony in San Francisco each January, honor those culinary visionaries who make foods that are respectful of the environment, connected to communities and cultural traditions, and, oh yeah, astonishingly delicious. Nominees are carefully vetted from all over the country, in categories such as Chocolate, Cheese, and Confections. It’s a unique honor to win a Good Food Award, since it celebrates both environmental and social responsibility AND yumminess.

And Republic of Jam brought home not one, but TWO 2015 Good Food Awards!

In the category of Spirits, Republic of Jam won a Good Food Award for their Spiced Peach Shrub (this ain’t your Grandma’s mixer…) and in the category of Pickles, a 2015 Good Food Award went to Republic of Jam’s Pickled Blueberries.

Congratulations, neighbor!



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